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Recently I had an epiphany similar to what most of us must address at several bends in our road of life. Nothing really worthwhile, after all, comes without determination and focus, and possibly a good deal of sacrifice. If JK Rowling had relegated her dreams to the ‘someday’ scenario, Harry Potter wouldn’t be a household name. Imagine if while sitting on that train she’d been jotting down possible job opportunities instead of developing Harry into a character that can magically wand away some of life’s scummier foes such as – poverty.

JK’s story teaches us about more than just mere magic. It teaches us that passion is the driving force behind however you define success, which for me comes down to one word – words!  I have determined that words are my passion – reading words, writing words, deleting, rearranging and well, cleaning them up to be presentable. It’s a big world of words out there, you know, waiting patiently to be penned, published and promoted.

Equipped with this exciting and at the same time disturbing news regarding my somewhat narrow scoped passion in life (words) I daydreamed (and had a few nightmares) about how to use this revelation toward paying the rent in our new-normal economy of extended unemployment. Thus the birth of my new entrepreneurial adventure penpublishpromote.

I know every single excruciating step toward penning something worth penning, and every muscle cramping step toward getting it published, followed by the mind boggling power steps you must then make to promote what you have painstakingly penned to perfection to place before the public… and hope they will purchase. That’s a lot of P’s! It’s also a lot of perfect timing and fortuitous opportunities to hope for. (More P’s.) But one must master these steps to be a professional wordsmith. I believe I have done that, and my first novel, Benjamin, will be out this May, followed by my short story collection and another novel in 2014.


I owe Winter Goose many thanks for allowing me to call their publishing house my home, and am humbled to be among their family of gifted authors. Helping others reach publishing success by editing their manuscripts is a joy I diligently embrace. I am thankful to Possibility Media Group for allowing me to gain a lot of editing experience through perfecting the work of their clients.

In conclusion just let me say that should you get hit by a fluke meteorite falling from the sky one day soon and have a few last thoughts other than ….why me? Will they be thoughts of regret for some passion you never got around to pursuing? Some unfinished work in your heart and soul of inner truths that will make you wish someone else had been smashed flat by a falling object from the sky, so that you could retrace your unfortunate steps on life’s road?

This is why I now edit manuscripts for those wonderful crazy writers out there with dreams of being published, and why I lovingly rephrase and rearrange my own words as well – when not teaching creative writing at a local college.


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