Pink is one of my favorite Pop Stars. Time after time she writes timeless lyrics to melodies that could melt any heart, and do, each time her not-so-tough-girl tunes play on the radio. Or in the CD player. Or on Pandora. Whatever your preferred mode of music listening is. Pink doesn’t just dazzle us with lyrical magic and pop tune perfection – she dances – well, like an angry-girl angel. Sharp passionate moves of dark, poignant depth. You feel exhausted when she’s finished – both physically and emotionally. But also inspired. Not just moved, but motivated to do something, um, Pink and pretty.

Not so coincidently, many of her empassioned lyrics we’ve come to love over the years perfectly express what I try to pen in fiction. She generally has a ‘pick yourself up and dust yourself off’ type of theme going for the most part – in most of her work. Be tougher, stronger, better than whoever or whatever shoved you in the dirt is what I write about and what she sings about. It is after all, a universal theme. The victory of standing back up after the agony of defeat and soaring higher than before your wings were clipped.

‘The Truth About Love’ is Pink’s latest album, and my favorite. The song ‘Time’ (off this album) has been my longest ring tone, considering that I change it every time a new Pink song emerges in the lime light. The lyrics remind me a great deal of my book ‘Benjamin’ being released by Winter Goose Publishing May 8th. It’s one of a couple major themes threaded through the novel….

Where there is desire there is going to be a flame

Where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned

Just because you’re burned doesn’t mean you’re gonna die

You got to get up …and try  – try – try

You got to get up …and try – try – try

P!nk – Try – YouTube

If my book can evoke one/one hundredth of the passion and emotion this song creates in each of us when watching Pink dance it, sing it… and pretty much, for those few short minutes on stage… BE IT   …well, I will be quite pleased.

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