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In the new year I am hoping my recently acquired publicist, who came to me highly recommended by my publisher, will build a solid presence not just for Benjamin, but for my books coming out on his coattails…. so to speak. A short story collection called Fractured Hearts will be released in January, and later in the year, my second novel Journey. Beyond that, without a solid nationwide readership there will be little hope for my novels yet in the wings or just now being written.

I am thankful I have found the right person to help me accomplish this, but I feel a need to thank those unsung heroes in Benjamin’s life up to this point. Besides my amazing family that has been there for me every step of the way, just a few true friends top the list. First and foremost, those brave people willing to stick their name out on a limb and endorse my book via back cover quotes.


Ed Goldman

Ed Goldman for one, who is an author himself and has a wonderfully witty column every day in the Sacramento Business Journal. As if back cover blurbs weren’t enough, Ed has written an article on me in his column and included it in his selections for his book But I Digress at Amazon.com. He has graciously mentioned Benjamin and me at least one other time since then.


Tracy Saville

Tracy Saville for another, whose company I left in order to focus on, well, getting published and needing her quote for the back cover. Tracy made my launch party extra special after hours, with champagne flowing for everyone in order to toast Benjamin… many times! It is a perfect memory of special friends gathered around to launch my career as a novelist, which I have been seeking for a decade. Possibilitycompany.com


Eldon Thompson

Eldon Thompson for a third, is a true Round Table Knight in this modern day world. Having Eldon in your inner circle is like having Sir Lancelot live in your home court. In addition to his fantasy trilogy The Legend of Asahiel out with HarperCollins http://www.eldonthompson.com/ Eldon writes and sells screenplays. I hope he will write the screenplay for Benjamin. (; Eldon flew in from LA just to be at my book launch, which is well beyond the call of duty for any friend.


Jennifer Harrison

I also had incredible support out the gate from Jennifer Harrison who singlehandedly did the initial press release and other prelaunch preparations. jennifer@JHarrisonPR.com

For that matter, Jessica and James at WGP Home are still up there on my pedestal as two of the most amazing and supportive people who believe in my work. Tina Ferguson at Face in a Book has also been an avid supporter of not just me, but all local authors. http://www.getyourfaceinabook.com

The diligence of this inner circle now has the book spreading out beyond distant relatives and friends of friends. They have done more than any girl could ask for. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you because your love and support leaves me speechless.

All any writer really wants is someone to say job well done and to be your unconditional fan. That, after all, is what friends are for. There is a big, critical public out there, and at some point in my new novelist life, they will be happy to tell me through their reviews exactly what they didn’t like about my work. Some of the most treasured books I have read were given 1 or 2 stars by hundreds of reviewers. Really? Welcome to the world of writing, where everyone is entitled to their opinion.

We all bring a different expectation to a book, and different baggage, the contents of which we have gathered over our lifetime and help form our very diverse opinions. Understood. So one person’s life changing book will be another person’s nightmare. Exactly the way it should be. Varying opinions and perspectives are what make it all so interesting to begin with.

It is this brutal reality of our highly critical world that makes unconditional love and enthusiastic support from family and friends so valued. They, in my opinion and from my perspective, are the unsung heroes that keep us daring to dabble in the world of words.


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