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Winter Goose Publishing would like to announce the upcoming release of Fractured Hearts, a collection of short fiction by Award Winning Author Kathryn Mattingly.

“Not for the faint of heart, these timeless tales deal with every type of love that drive us to do what we do—for better or for worse. Whether whimsical ghosts in love with art or cats transformed by the full moon, you’ll wonder if even the most unbelievable is somehow true. From a gypsy child in Rome to a widow in Aruba, the stories transport you to faraway places.” ~Winter Goose Publishing

Kathryn will be at Face In A Book in EDH Town Center Saturday February 8th from 4-6pm signing copies of Fractured Hearts, which includes 5 pieces recognized for excellence as outstanding literature.

Her love stories are guaranteed to pierce the heart and move the soul, and would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the avid reader in your life or a unique offering for someone you’d like to impress romantically.

Stop by to browse the exceptional bookstore Tina Ferguson manages through her love and passion for reading, whilst nibbling chocolate, regardless of whether you indulge in purchasing Kathryn’s witty, whimsical, and wisdom-ridden words as told in the tales of this original volume.

Kathryn would like to give a special thanks and recognition to her good friend Dr. Virginia Simpson and daughter Sasha Mattingly for helping edit this collection to shine in its Sunday best, and to her long time friend Ladd Woodland, who created the cover art for Fractured Hearts.

Here is what other authors, publishers, editors, and professional reviewers are saying about the pieces in this collection:

From the Editor of Writer’s Digest in reference to award winning short story Cheating Paradise: “This year’s contest attracted close to 18,000 entries. Kathryn Mattingly’s success in the face of such formidable competition speaks highly of her writing talent and should be a source of great pride.”

From Best Selling Author Elizabeth Engstrom in reference to Kathryn’s body of work: “Kathryn Mattingly’s fiction has always shown great depth of character and emotion, with simple, yet clever plots. Her characters live and breathe in my mind for a long time after reading about them. I hope she keeps writing short stories and novels forever.”

From James A. Beach, Editor in Chief of Dark Discoveries Magazine in reference to several stories from the collection: “Kathryn Mattingly’s story Half Moon Cay is wonderful, and very moving. Her stories make me feel as if I am there. Skyward from the reading at Powell’s bookstore and Light of the Moon from Ghost Writers weekend are two such stories.  Kathryn’s writing is very powerful.”

From Eldon Thompson, Author of the Fantasy Trilogy Series Legend of Asahiel in reference to Kathryn’s body of work: “Kathryn Mattingly weaves sensory magic with her words. Whether writing about vengeful ghosts, forbidden love, or motherly sacrifice, her elegant prose offers seamless transport into the lives and hearts of her characters. Once swept away, you may not want to come back.”

From Jonathan Reitan’s book review in Dark Discoveries Magazine regarding the story Morney, which has been reprinted in Fractured Hearts: “Kathryn Mattingly’s Morney in the anthology Ghosts at the Coast stands out as being superb and highly original. It is a spooky tale about a mysterious gypsy girl in Rome.”

From Tracy Saville, CEO of Possibility Publishing and Editor in Chief of The Possibility Place in reference to Kathryn’s body of work: “Kathryn Mattingly’s writing has an elevated literary aesthetic ‐ a kind of obvious writerly quality that critics point to as gold standard.”

For a sneak preview of the stories within this collection, visit the Edgy Fiction page http://penpublishpromote.com/short-fiction/ of Kathryn’s website penpublishpromote where a few pieces from Fractured Hearts have been displayed, or peruse her WGP author page at: http://wintergoosepublishing.com/authors/kathryn-mattingly/

Face In A Book is located at: 4359 Town Center Blvd, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

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