Recently I received my first foreign review, which has caused me to have an audience in the UK, where many new readers are connecting with Benjamin.

Who knew?

I have to admit, the review makes me smile. Book Viral has nailed it. Nice to know a foreign shore has appreciated what I set out to do, and believes that I accomplished it.

As I continue to market my debut novel, Benjamin, I am finding that it is quite a journey. This book that I poured my heart and soul into (as I do all of them) has caused me to make friends and to lose friends, proving those words in print to be even more powerful than I originally realized.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t change anything about this opening chapter of my life as a novelist.

Writing and publishing short stories has never brought me anything but smiles and praise, even recognition for doing it, well, quite well. No matter how dark or twisted the plot, no matter how controversial the subject, or questionably odd the characters are within those published tales, nary a one has ever brought any naysayers. Certainly not the stone throwers that Benjamin has occasionally uncovered outside its crowd of (mostly) fans.

I have come to embrace those with raised brow over my first book, because I have also come to realize how anything worth its salt will have some harsh scrutiny as well. Especially by those who do not understand what Book Viral has clearly uncovered as the major themes of the book.

For those that didn’t get it, I harbor no grudges. We are all on different paths and meeting up at different times along this journey we call life. The best we can hope for is to travel awhile with those who understand and appreciate what we have to contribute to the  trip.

And what a trip it is!

Book Viral Highlight for Benjamin:  

An original cross genre page turner, Benjamin is the scintillating debut novel from author Kathryn Mattingly that is sure to provoke some timely reflection. A contemporary tale that achieves a beguiling balance between religious allegory and the broader devices of a romantic thriller, her prose lends itself to a memorable narration. Mattingly is leaving the reader with no doubt that she has given much consideration to how we have come to interpret faith and spirituality in modern times, and its prevailing influence on human nature.

Compelling and intelligent, her characters are imbued with a timely sense of presence and emotional gravitas, which adds significantly to the plausibility of a plot that is well constructed. Mattingly not only wants to entertain her readers, but encourage them to reflect upon the peculiar circumstances of her characters, whilst her use of universal tropes fuels intrigue and the desire to discover the true origin of Benjamin’s gift.


Visit Kathryn Mattingly’s Amazon Author Page and the Book Viral website where Benjamin is currently featured.

The suspense novel Benjamin and short story collection Fractured Hearts can be purchased through all major booksellers and on the Winter Goose Publishing site.