Fall in Bend, OR

Fall in Bend, OR

It is almost time for the holiday that causes one to reflect on their blessings in life. As I make a mental note of what I am most thankful for… not moving to Colorado in March tops the list, right behind a great family and good health.

Why you ask? Well, because although at one time we had hoped to live in Colorado, Dennis recently accepted a job offer (that hasn’t fallen through so far…) to live in the number 1 place on the globe we have always wanted to be. Central Oregon.

He recently accepted a position in the Bend- Redmond area as a Utility Specialist Arborist for CN Utility Consulting Company. Basically, he gets a brand new full-sized 4 wheel drive truck and can travel all around Central Oregon managing vegetation along BPA transition power lines. Needless to say he is looking forward to the independent position with its wide open spaces and no one to fence him in.

Personally, I cannot think of a location that would support my efforts more as an author. I smile just thinking about the other writers there I am excited to meet. Oregon is a mecca of creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who are also independent, headstrong, and sharp as the icicles that hang from the coffeehouses every time a winter snowstorm hits.

They are my kind of people, and it is my kind of climate- 300 days of sunshine and 4 completely over-the-top seasons that will knock your socks off for color and dimension.

I am hoping to get on at the college in Bend. I have already applied for a FT tenure position as an English (writing) Professor. It would be a miracle to get the job, considering how there are probably some very well-qualified adjuncts already on the campus and waiting in line for this coveted position.

Regardless, I will do whatever I can at the college until a teaching position opens up. I can’t wait to become fully acquainted with the campus, students, faculty, and administrators. Being involved in the Bend-Redmond community in general is something we are both very much looking forward to.

Hopefully all our Cali friends will be visiting frequently for long weekends. We told them they are welcome to do their hiking, biking, shopping, site seeing, wine tasting, art browsing, and/or skiing by day, while sitting around our porch (or fireplace) by night.

It is the best way to enjoy good friends – one-on-one, with a warm fire or cozy front porch. I console myself with this image whenever I realize how much I will miss the many amazing people I have come to know and care about here.

Next Saturday we leave for Sunriver, where we will spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our family, and hopefully, we will find a home to rent over the course of the week. I have already begun packing… not to move, but to spend a week in a colder climate. My anticipation of this new adventure steadily grows as I dust off snow boots and unearth winter parkas.

What else am I thankful for this holiday season of giving thanks? Closure. After being somewhat of a tumbleweed in the wind these past few years, finally, God has answered our prayers and is showing us a way to the future we could never have imagined or obtained without his divine intervention.

Sometimes I stop to pinch myself.

May all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spent with family and friends, and may your blessings be rich and deep.



Kathryn is associate faculty for University of Phoenix at their Sacramento Valley campus where she teaches academic and creative writing, literature, and visual arts in the Humanities Department.

Her next literary suspense novel, Journey, will be released in 2015.

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