G&G Flat (1)Hemmie Martin began writing in 2008 and has since had five novels published, with the sixth coming out this month (Garlic & Gauloises). They include a crime series featuring DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox, a psychological thriller, and two contemporary novels – all through Winter Goose Publishing.

I am honored to call Hemmie a fellow goose in our gaggle. Considering her intense career choice as a community nurse for people with learning disabilities, we can only assume that her page-turning novels reflect a page-turning life.

Hemmie has also been a family planning nurse, and a forensic mental health nurse who worked with young offenders in the community and in young offender institutes. Altogether, I foresee a lifetime of book fodder, a lot of which has probably already spilled upon the pages of her well-penned novels.

Hemmie spent six years living in the south of France, and currently lives in Essex, England, where being a novel writing specialty nurse apparently wasn’t enough, since she and her husband also board guide dogs in training.


It has occurred to me that Hemmie could easily be the protagonist in one of her own novels. (And perhaps she is?) With her latest book coming out this month http://wintergoosepublishing.com/garlic-gauloises-cover-reveal/ I took the time to ask Hemmie a few questions about her fiction.

Mental health issues are a part of all of your novels so far. Is this something you intended to do?

Mental health has always been an interest of mine since my days as a student nurse. It is a complex subject, which is often misunderstood. I enjoy writing characters that suffer with mental illness, but also characters with a misconception of the subject, thus hopefully exposing more truth than fiction on the topic.

Your female protagonists tend to be strong women with flaws (similar to my own protagonists). We’re learning more about DI Eva Wednesday as the series progresses. Where do you see her headed down the road in this series?

When I wrote the first DI Wednesday In the Light of Madness I intended it to be a stand alone novel, but when I’d finished writing it, I realized how much I enjoyed being in Wednesday’s company. I knew more about her background than I divulged in the novel, so I had plenty to write about in the next novel. The fourth novel What Happens After is due to be published early 2016, and some readers have asked me whether Eva Wednesday and Jacob Lennox will get together. Understandably, I’m not going to answer that!

You write novels in two different genres, is there a reason for this, and is there one genre you prefer writing?

I started off writing contemporary fiction (The Divine Pumpkin) followed by a psychological thriller (Attic of the Mind). I realized that I enjoyed writing dark, tortured characters and toyed with the idea of writing crime, even though in my early days of writing I said I would never write crime (or a series).

I enjoy writing both genres as I feel it keeps my writing and mind fresh. Crime takes a lot of planning, what with the red herrings and false alibies, so it can be quite challenging at times. I like to take a break from that scene and explore more contemporary themes. Whichever genre I am writing in, I enjoy weaving mental health into the story -and I adore writing an antagonist.

As to which genre I ultimately prefer to write in– it really depends on my state of mind at the time. I may write another psychological thriller in the future. Who knows?

Apart from writing what else do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy reading, and I read a variety of genres, but predominantly contemporary fiction and crime. Another pastime is going to pubs with my husband, to listen to cover bands playing live rock music. The bands are amazingly talented, and it’s a truly wonderful way to pass an evening. And as you know, we board Guide Dogs in training for three months at a time. We become very attached to the dogs, but we console ourselves with knowing that they move on to make a person with visual impairment lead a more independent and fulfilling life.

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Here are the links to Hemmie Martin’s books, website, and Facebook author page…

Website: http://hemmiemartin.com/

Amazon UK: Visit Amazon’s Hemmie Martin Page         

Amazon US: Books:See all 10 items

FB author page: https://www.facebook.com/Hemmie-Martin-Author-Page-270022226396038/

WGP: Hemmie Martin


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