13434956_875024999270867_985675960309540613_nHello Fellow Writers!

Are you inspired to write that novel you’ve been putting off? In this four week course you will learn about the heroes journey and key elements of plot, setting, point of view, characterization, and dialogue. You will need a laptop and a book in progress, or a book idea for this course.


Novel Writing: Fiction & Memoir 

Classes meet in Historical Old Town Napa on 1st St.

Tuition is $200 for 4 classes



Monday classes: 


Tuesday classes: 



Kathryn Mattingly has taught writing at four private colleges. Aside from her short story collection and literary suspense novels with Winter Goose Publishing, Kathryn’s work can be found in numerous small press anthologies and several print magazines. She coordinated the TOM writing contest for the Northern Colorado Writer’s Conference in 2016 and is an ongoing judge for the Writer’s Guild Harvest Festival in Bend, Oregon. Additionally, Kathryn has been a professional editor for a small publishing house and has run her own private editing service. Kathryn holds five awards for her fiction. 

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Compelling and intelligent, Kathryn Mattingly’s characters are imbued with a timely sense of presence and emotional gravitas, which adds significantly to the plausibility of her well-constructed plots. …. Book Viral Reviews