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Novel and Memoir Writing Class 




I developed and teach this course  for COCC. Occasionally, however,  I like to do a couple private sessions in my home to develop a more in-depth connection with aspiring writers in my community.


We will cover your Hero’s Journey (What is your book about (plot) and how will it unfold?) Setting (Where does you story take place?) Characterization (Who are you hero’s and villains?) Point of View (From what perspective will you tell this story?) and Dialogue (How to do conversation well.)


The cost for my private class is the same as what the college charges. I do add a fee for several one-on-one consultations about your book after the class sessions are completed. The college classes are larger, if you desire more input from your peers. My private sessions are a more personalized experience, if that’s what you’re looking for.


Are you wondering where and how to begin, or have you already started and in need of input, or perhaps you’ve finished a first draft and are ready to revise. If any of those descriptions fit you, then I hope you’ll join me, either on campus or for my private class. You can contact me at: kmattinglyauthor@gmail.com



Kathryn Mattingly has taught writing at four private colleges. Aside from her short story collection and literary suspense novels with Winter Goose Publishing, Kathryn’s work can be found in numerous small press anthologies and several print magazines. She has coordinated the writing contest for Northern Colorado Writer’s, has been a speaker and contest judge for the Writer’s Guild in Bend, Oregon, and was a reader/judge for Pacific NW Writers for many years. Kathryn has been a senior editor for a small publisher, and has had her own editorial service. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts from University of Oregon and master of arts from Pacific University. Kathryn has been honored with  five awards for her fiction.

Kathryn Mattingly


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