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I write because I can’t imagine not writing. But it isn’t the only thing I am passionate about. I am passionate about reading, and the movies… and most importantly, family. Family is everything to me. When raising my children I always told them that family came first. Family would always be there when it mattered, when no one else bothered to stick around, when nobody at all would seem to care… family would. And I believe that. If you build your family to be a fortress against any storm, then when the rains hit, they’ll open an umbrella over your head… and feed you cookies. So important.. those cookies!

This leads me to another passion – cooking. Baking. Watching cooking and baking. Talking cooking and baking. Eating scrumptious cooking and baked things. When family visits our mountain house…. I cook. I bake. I nurture. I cherish…. each and every one of my family members – the sweet and the surly alike!! And everything we cook or bake.

I am passionate about God, and nature…. the two of which are never far apart. I see God in nature everywhere. I see God in the sunrise reflected off the mountains here in the high desert. I see Him in the full moon staring me straight in the eye outside my upstairs window to the world. I see Him in the snow that falls from the heavens. It falls in big fluffy flakes and in hard pounding sleet, and in every condition between the two.

It occurs to me when watching the heavens heaving snow upon the high desert floor that no two snowflakes are alike… and no two people are alike. Snowflakes and people are both here but a nanosecond in time, clumsily darting about as we traverse a path from conception to completion.




But like the weightless carefree snowflake, I treasure every minute of my dance upon the wind…  K.M. 





Kathryn Mattingly has always had a passion for writing. Five of her short fiction pieces have received recognition for excellence and are included in her short story collection, Fractured Hearts. Her literary suspense novels include Benjamin, Journey, Olivia’s Ghost, and The Tutor.

Kathryn’s writing is inspired by real-life events and places she has lived or traveled. Prior to signing a contract with Winter Goose Publishing her work appeared in numerous small press anthologies, Dark Discoveries magazine, Leading Possibilities magazine and online at The Possibility Place, where besides her fiction, Kathryn had over 30 interviews, book reviews, and articles published promoting artists, authors, and entrepreneurs in the Sacramento, CA area.

She was a senior editor at Possibility Media Group until leaving to establish her own editorial service as a content editor for fiction manuscripts and memoirs. Her work can currently be found in the magazine, Regenerate, in the poetry anthology, Sunrise Summits, and the flash fiction anthology, FLASH.

In addition to earning a BFA from University of Oregon and MAT from Pacific U, Kathryn has studied writing under multiple NY Times Best Selling authors, receiving certificates of completion for several advanced courses in fiction. Her mentors have included Terry Brooks, Dorothy Allison, Elizabeth George, John Saul, and Gail Tsukiyama. She was associate faculty at two different private colleges where she taught numerous writing courses and was a college department chair for four years.

Kathryn has taught 3 courses she developed herself (Novel Writing: Fiction & Memoir, Editing Your Novel, and The Art of The Short Story) for Continuing Ed programs at local colleges. She coordinated the annual Northern Colorado Writers Top of the Mountain literary contest 2016, and is an ongoing judge for the Harvest Festival literary contest in Bend, OR through the local Writers Guild. She was a reader/judge for the Pacific NW Writers Association Literary Contest in Seattle, WA from 2004-2014.

Kathryn lives on a mountain in Central Oregon. When not penning her next novel, she is teaching novel writing at COCC.



Benjamin is a story of love and faith, wrought with all the complications and complexities thereof….




“Out of the last 100+ novels I have read, this ranks #1. I loved this book. It has all the elements I enjoy and immersed me in another world. It has love, romance, intrigue, fantasy and beautiful imagery. The quality of the writing and the story is in J.K. Rowling’s league and I’m certain if the author were already famous, this would be on the bestseller lists.”


“An original cross genre page-turner, Benjamin is the scintillating debut novel from author Kathryn Mattingly that is sure to provoke some timely reflection. A contemporary tale that achieves a beguiling balance between religious allegory and the broader devices of a romantic thriller, her prose lends itself to a memorable narration. Mattingly leaves the reader with no doubt that she has given much consideration to how we have come to interpret faith and spirituality in modern times, and its prevailing influence on human nature. 

Compelling and intelligent, her characters are imbued with a timely sense of presence and emotional gravitas, which adds significantly to the plausibility of a plot that is well constructed. Mattingly not only wants to entertain her readers, but encourage them to reflect upon the peculiar circumstances of her characters, whilst her use of universal tropes fuels intrigue and the desire to discover the true origin of Benjamin’s gift.”




From Ed Goldman -Columnist for Sacramento Business Journal: With “Benjamin,” Kathryn Mattingly has created a story and characters brimming with emotion, intelligence and spirituality. The book takes a number of twists and turns but never forgets to keep us grounded as we join her narrator’s journey, from her being mystified to sanctified and, ultimately, to finding fulfillment.

34898_1496957671242_2266849_nFrom Eldon Thompson -Author of the fantasy series The Legend of Asahiel: “Mattingly writes with an artist’s flair, richly interweaving passion and suspense in this heartfelt tale of forbidden love and its unforeseen consequences. By turns poignant and shocking, Benjamin is at once a literary romance and a contemporary thriller rife with spiritual themes and stunning plot twists. A must for readers who delight in a dramatic situation from which there is no apparent escape…”





Fractured hearts is not for the faint of heart….


“This collection of short stories takes the reader on an international journey of romance and intrigue that ultimately illuminates the power of human connection. The stories are woven together by the thread of love, which leaves its mark in some way or another on each character. If you are looking for short stories that go beyond the ordinary, delve into mysterious pasts and leave you questioning the power of the human psyche, this collection is for you. If you are a hopeless romantic who believes that love conquers all- welcome to the darker side of love.”


Journey Flat for eBooks

“Another great Kathryn Mattingly novel. Vibrant emotional storytelling that really connects the reader to the characters.” WGP Editor-in-Chief 

“Journey is about truth and lies, about relationships and life’s surprises. Reading Kathryn Mattingly’s story is like digging in a goldmine as word-by-word the reader uncovers more about what happened in the past to affect the present and shape the future of these very real and complex characters. This book makes you think. This book is what literature is all about.” Ina Schroders-Zeeders author of Veritas, Amor & Roads (Book 1 & 2) 



“Mattingly deftly pulls the reader into a tale of motherhood forestalled, motherhood denied, obsession, and unlimited love that quickly builds to a complex of conflicting motives playing out against the brilliant backdrop of the Hawaiian landscape. You will care deeply about what happens to these characters.” James Benton, Award Winning Writer & Poet, English & Writing Instructor at Eastern Oregon University



“This adventure-filled story of self-discovery is brought about by a letter rolled up in a chest full of memories and love…” Naima Mora, Author of Model Behavior 





“Like the ocean she paints perfectly, Mattingly crushes you with tragedy and keeps you turning the page with a glimmer of hope. In this raw tale she dissects the complexity of human emotion that is heartbreakingly relatable.”     ~ Eva Huett, author of Elidad

“Literature is ripe with stories about the loss of a child; the theme of such grief ripples through many of John Irving’s novels. Where most authors would dwell on the simmering, if not open, hostility and recriminations between spouses, Kathryn Mattingly provides a twist by offering the reader two mysteries: the disappearance of one child, the daughter of Olivia and Jackson Porter, and a ghost associated with a lighthouse.


Two mysteries become a pathway to redemption and renewal. Readers will experience a mother’s determination and unflagging belief that her daughter is alive, despite what others around her think and believe. It is Olivia’s unrelenting conviction that Ava is alive that threatens to make a ghost of her marriage.

The author, without judgment, also shows how spouses deal with pain. Jack sublimates his grief through a day’s work and a night’s swim in the bottle, whereas for Olivia, the maternal instinct becomes stronger and stronger. Whether Ava is alive or not, Olivia wants proof of life or death, at any cost.

It is not easy writing – and a remarkable accomplishment – that Mattingly conveys the loss of identity in motherhood. Olivia is driven, asking difficult and painful questions. It does not help that both spouses have temptations around them, but Mattingly’s parting note is that love triumphs and mends wounds. The writing is lush and lyrical, conjuring the sights and sounds of the ocean. When the seagull caws, it is a reminder that grief’s answer is in the language of hope and a mother’s abiding faith.” Gabriel Valjean, author of Corporate Citizen 




Kathryn Mattingly again satisfies.

                        Wonderfully written–a must read!!





In her trademark descriptive style, Mattingly paints a vibrant world of crystalline beaches, colorful people, and a vivacious culture. She is an artist at character development and giving the reader an adventure-filled story…  Sarah Reichart, author of the Destiny paranormal romance series 


994142_10201488408799215_1511778849_nBy turns harrowing and heartwarming, this romantic thriller showcases the worst and best of humanity—as well as the myriad complexities that lie between. The Tutorfeatures gripping questions unanswered until the final pages…  Eldon Thompson, author of The Legend of Asahiel fantasy series



Writer’s Digest Award Winning Stories: Writer’s Digest Press – Cheating Paradise

Mind Trips Unlimited: Scribes Valley Press  – Goodbye My Sweet 

Internationally Yours: Prize-Winning Stories: Joyous Press – Light of the Moon

Beacons of Tomorrow: Tyrannosaurus Press – The Stein Collection


Dead on Demand: TripleTree Publishing  – Dance of the Dolphins

Pronto! Writings from Rome: TripleTree Publishing  – Splendor

Ship’s Log: Writings at Sea: TripleTree Publishing – Half Moon Cay

Ghosts at the Coast: TripleTree Publishing  – Morney

WomanScapes: DLSIJ Publishing  – Light of the Moon

Sunrise Summits – Edge of Glory, Moving Train, Newbie’s Lament

FLASH – Gotcha


Dark Discoveries  – The Stein Collection

Leading Possibilities – Cheating Paradise, The Stein Collection, By The Light of the Moon, Morney, Fancy

Regenerate – Arrows in the Dark, Rekindled Love


From the Editor of Writer’s Digest in reference to award winning short story Cheating Paradise: “This year’s contest attracted close to 18,000 entries. Your success in the face of such formidable competition speaks highly of your writing talent, and should be a source of great pride as you continue in your writing career.”

From Liz Engstrom Cratty -Publisher of TripleTree Publishing: “Kathryn Mattingly’s fiction has always shown great depth of character and emotion, with simple, yet clever plots. Her characters live and breathe in my mind for a long time after reading about them. I hope she keeps writing short stories and novels forever.” 

From James A. Beach -Editor of Dark Discoveries Magazine: “Kathryn’s story Half Moon Cay is wonderful, and very moving. Her stories make me feel as if I am there. Skyward from the reading at Powell’s bookstore and Light of the Moon from Ghost Writers weekend are two such stories.  

From the fall issue of Dark Discoveries – review of Ghosts at the Coast by Jonathan Reitan: “Kathryn Mattingly’s Morney in the anthology Ghosts at the Coast stands out as being superb and highly original. It is a spooky tale about a mysterious gypsy girl in Rome.” 

From Tracy Saville -Editor in Chief of Leading Possibilities Magazine: “Kathryn Mattingly’s writing has an elevated literary aesthetic, a kind of obvious writerly quality that critics point to as gold standard.” 


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