Another great Kathryn Mattingly novel. Vibrant emotional storytelling that really connects the reader to the characters….   

                                   …WGP Editor In Chief      




“Journey is about truth and lies, about relationships and life’s surprises. Reading Kathryn Mattingly’s story is like digging in a goldmine as word-by-word the reader uncovers more about what happened in the past to affect the present and shape the future of these very real and complex characters. This book makes you think. This book is what literature is all about.”  Ina Schroders-Zeeders author of Veritas, Amor & Roads (Book 1 & 2)


Excerpts from Journey…


I used to see imaginary glimpses in my mind of Journey stealing away into the night, making quick glances over her shoulder with eyes that flashed defiance. Despite her boldness of spirit on that fateful evening, the vision that often haunts me still is of a vulnerable young woman. I knew all too well what she ran away from, but what had she run away to? And what caused her untimely death?



After several minutes of endless tears washing my face in a warm salt bath I stopped rocking back and forth with Chenlei in my lap. I quit stroking her dark head of chin-chopped hair and willed myself to keep control, for the sake of my little neighbor, if not to preserve my own sanity.


“Let’s see what’s in the chest,” I said, while drying my face with the sleeves of my shirt. Chenlei stood to peer inside as I opened the lid. My sister’s scent of island flowers, often worn in her hair, mingled with the teak like an exotic perfume. I inhaled several times with closed eyes and tried to find the courage to explore her years without me.


Cover art for Journey is by Ladd Woodland


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