Do you have a memoir you wish to pen but have no time or desire to pen it yourself? Is your fiction novel completed but you need a content editor to be sure your sentence structuring is smooth, your story is impactful and dynamic, and your voice is consistent? I am happy to work with you on your project. Please contact me at:

Brief Bio 

Kat landed a New York agent at JCA Literary Agency with her first manuscript, Benjamin. She now has four novels and a short story collection traditionally published, and has won numerous awards for her work. Kat has taught creative writing at several private colleges for the past ten years, and continues to teach at her local college. Ms Mattingly spent two years as a senior editor for a small publishing house. She has managed conference literary contests, been a contest judge for several writing conferences, and is currently the VP and Program Director of the Central Oregon Writer’s Guild.


Aside from her short story collection and literary suspense novels with Winter Goose Publishing, Kathryn’s work can be found in numerous small press anthologies and several print magazines. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts from University of Oregon and master of arts from Pacific University.  Her next novel, Katya, is due for release in the spring of 2021.  

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