Benjamin is a story of love and faith, wrought with all the complications and complexities thereof….




“Out of the last 100+ novels I have read, this ranks #1. I loved this book. It has all the elements I enjoy and immersed me in another world. It has love, romance, intrigue, fantasy and beautiful imagery. The quality of the writing and the story is in J.K. Rowling’s league and I’m certain if the author were already famous, this would be on the bestseller lists.” 






“The doves are like love would be if you could hold it… soft, warm and gentle. Their coos are the sound love would make… if love could speak. And when they fly… they are love in motion.” ~Benjamin


Benjamin.” Sarah whispered it with finality, as if now everything would be tolerable. “I’ve missed you.” There was the hint of a smile on her face.

“I’ve missed you, too, Sarah.” He paused, carefully moving a stray hair off her forehead. “The sparrow flew away today. She’s all healed.”

Sarah’s face lit up in response.

“You should’ve seen her, Sarah. She fell for a second and then flapped her wings wildly, fighting it, fighting the fall. Then she flew up… up really high…” Benjamin glanced out the window and Sarah turned her head to follow his gaze. “…made a sharp turn and was gone.”

“I wish I could have been there,” Sarah sighed.

Benjamin put his hand on her forehead. “You need to catch your fall, Sarah. Like the sparrow. Fight it.”





“I do believe in demons and that there are angels among us… such as yourself” ~Daniel


My eyes never left the spacious and intricate altar area, watching every move made by the younger priest in black robes. I couldn’t see his facial features well enough to determine if it was Daniel or not, but the height and build seemed right, and whoever it was, he had light hair. The older priest spoke intelligently, his words weighty and measured, but I couldn’t concentrate.  My mind raced uncontrollably to the past and then anxiously lingered in the present. Benjamin listened intently, his expression one of fascination, soaking up all that was happening like a sponge.

When it was time for communion my heart began pounding. I prayed for strength and took slow deep breaths as I entered the center aisle with Benjamin right in front of me. We followed the procession of worshipers until it was our turn for communion. I didn’t have the courage to lift my head and look into the faces of the priests on the way up. I felt weak and shaky, afraid if I did look at them I would surely faint.

Body of Christ, bread of heaven echoed in my ears as we approached the altar. Benjamin knelt in front of me and accepted the host into his mouth, just as everyone else had done. Blood of Christ, cup of salvation. He drank from the goblet, still mimicking other worshipers, then made the sign of the cross before circling back to our pew. I knelt and heard the words body of Christ, bread of heaven, and looked up into the face of Daniel, his cyan blue eyes showing immediate recognition. I felt a rush of warmth as he set the host on my tongue. Daniel’s face drained of color and he wavered slightly, his golden hair shimmering under the lit candles as he caught his breath. Blood of Christ, cup of salvation. I drank from the goblet and then stood to face him.

 Amen… was all I could say, in barely a whisper.

Tori… emerged, weakly, from Daniel’s lips.




“He sees his love for you as a weakness to indulge, not a strength to embrace.”       ~Jonathan





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