Books I am credited for editing… 

Model Behavior (Memoir)


Naima Mora is America’s Top Model Cycle 4. She MC’d our first fashion show at the design college where I taught. Naima is a smart savvy young woman with many ambitions besides writing. She will go far in life, and I am happy to have helped her with her memoir Model Behavior.

“I had a dream to write a book that encourages and inspires young people. So I did just that. I then needed an editor, and from a very high recommendation, I found Kathryn. She was so understanding and supportive working with my manuscript. Kathryn really helped to enhance my voice as an author and bring out the best in my book! I am so appreciative to have been able to work with her in the editing process of Model Behavior. I learned a lot about myself as a writer.” Naima Mora naimamora123@gmail.com

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle and Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully (Children’s Lit)



Chris Pedersen has a body of children’s books that are just beginning to get published. The Prisoner of Carrot Castle and Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully are only the first two. There is more to come! I have worked with Chris as an editor on all her books, and look forward to their publication. She will be a wonderful presence in the world of children’s literature.


“I’m a stickler for being thorough. I make sure I’ve revised and edited each manuscript carefully before submitting it to a final edit prior to publication. Kathryn’s eye is keen and sharp. Able to find those obscure, subtle and overlooked editing mistakes. I’m always pleasantly surprised when getting edits back. Her astute eye makes me feel assured my manuscripts are ready to go.” Chris Pedersen chris@purplecarrotbooks.com

Playing With Fire (Fiction)

Playing With Fire


Jordan Mendez is a gifted young woman. Her work displays good values and is a great choice for young adults who love action/adventure, and a page turner full of twists and turns. I was happy to edit this book for Jordan because it was quite imaginative and entertaining, with endearing characters that worm their way into your heart. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

“Being young compared to most writers, many people were reluctant to take me on as their client. However, Kathryn gave me a chance, and helped me bring my work to heights I could have never achieved on my own. The editing was quick and easy. Not only was it perfecting my novel, it was also teaching me how to correct my mistakes and better my writing style. Throughout the process, Kathryn was very encouraging and helpful to me. Thanks to her, my novel, Playing With Fire, is now published.” Jordan Mendez  jtmwriting@gmail.com

A Turn in My Belly (Memoir-Spiritual Guide)

A Turn In My Belly: A Road To Spiritual Recovery


Angel Dominigue has written a no nonsense guide to finding God and healing from all the hurts piled upon us by the physical world. She uses personal stories and scriptural facts that are emotionally moving and motivational. If you are struggling to sort out the meaning of life, if you are searching for an answer to your current situation, if you are wanting a reason to grow and change as a person while creating a purpose-driven future for yourself in the process – this book is for you.

“I had something important to say in this book but was an inexperienced writer who did not excel at spelling, punctuation, and grammar. When I saw the work Kathryn had done for others I contacted her. Instead of telling me my manuscript would be a lot of work she explained what she could do to get my project completed. I liked working with Kat because she did it in the time frame agreed upon and encouraged me to get this book published. She believed in my project as if it was her own. Kathryn made my book flow so much better and knew how to express what I was trying to say.”  Angel Dominigue

Sinxay (Epic Myth)

Sinxay Cover photo

Sinxay is the Renaissance of a Lao-Thai Epic Hero that brings to Western readers a time-honored, legendary, 17th century story of gallant virtue and astonishing acts of selfless bravery. It was a privilege to be the first editor for this epic tale. Peter has outdone himself with piecing together this beautiful book through the tale itself, an amazing illustrator, and his skills as an award winning photographer. I could never have imagined Sinxay would turn out to be such a beautiful collector’s piece of literature!

“As someone who is not an author in the traditional sense, I knew I desperately needed some help with an epic myth my wife and I had translated into our own retelling. I wasn’t sure how to find an editor and was extremely lucky to locate Kathryn. I felt she would be a good fit for us. I wasn’t disappointed! I didn’t expect the manuscript to be edited quickly. It took a couple of months, but I was very happy with the results! Conversations and verb tense were all corrected. I would highly recommend Kathryn as an editor for any manuscript.”


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