…coming 2023

Recently I spent two weeks in France with my daughter, Anna. I’d been dreaming about and envisioning this trip for quite awhile, ever since realizing I wanted my next book to take place partially in France, and specifically in Paris. I am now a believer in the expression… ‘thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become reality’. Otherwise, I might never have made it to France.

Point in case, my wishful thinking and expressing my wishes (often) caused Anna to think of me when discovering there was a work conference she needed to attend two weeks before Christmas… in France. “Let’s spend a week in Paris, Mom, and then take the train to Cannes…” (where the conference was located).

And so we did.

It was two weeks I will never forget. Even the details are still clear to me, although I took copious notes for the book ‘Finley’s Song’… speaking of which, makes me realize the power of our thoughts. My plot is about a woman who blames herself for her husband’s tragic death, causing her entire world to crumble beneath guilt and grief.

Of course these are two emotions she (Finley) could not avoid given the circumstances of his demise, however, the length of time one might dwell on the negatives can make all the difference in other lives one might touch. In this case, her son Max is most affected. He is an adolescent boy when the tragedy occurs, and because his mother doesn’t handle her guilt and grief well, he ends up living with his grandparents… not a happy solution for him.

Max will be the other voice in the book, so we will be well aware of his struggles and challenges during this dark period when his pianist/singer/songwriter mom is falling down a dark rabbit hole.

This leads to the ponderous question: When do we come up for air, reevaluate a difficult situation, and decide to move on because stagnation is a pointless state to wallow in? It benefits no one and can cause further destruction from a tragedy that is best put behind us rather than dictate our future.

It will take our heroine a while to figure this out on her own, and while doing so, we will have Paris to enjoy… from its richly preserved ancient buildings and endless glorious art to the stunning world of fashion and twinkling (on the hour every hour) Eiffel Tower.

Thus the copious notes.

The book will also take place in Vail, Colorado where this same daughter lives. (I have two daughters and am already contemplating where to travel with the second :). I’ve spent a great deal of time in Vail over the past decade visiting Anna and therefore have decided it’s the perfect setting for my sixth novel, along with France of course, and while I’m at it, I decided to also borrow her lifestyle of fly fishing, river rafting, and downhill skying. Why not? There isn’t a thing left in my own life I haven’t already examined and written about.

Time to scrutinize someone else’s passions and pleasures.

What I have to say to the rest of my children (I have four- two boys/two girls) is look out. I’m coming for your life next!

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